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Top 10 Essential Bedrooms Furniture In Your House

A bedroom is a room in a house which that furnished with a bed and used for resting and sleeping. The furniture of bedroom usually included bed, mattress, wardrobe, bedside table, dresser, and mirror.

It helps to have a basic guideline in place. Here are a few tips on buying furniture that fits your home

Bed Frame

The bed frame is must have or the most significant piece of furniture in any bedroom. In a master bedroom, the size of the bed is the ruling factor. Typically, a master bedroom is go for a large bed such as a queen bed or king size bed. Beds construction are available in different types, such as metal bed frame, wooden bedframe and divan bed (headboard and base either full with leather or fabric).  Besides that, there are various styles to choose base on your favorite and bedroom decoration themes. For example, modern bedroom designs, contemporary, classic or traditional bedroom styles to suit varying needs.

In additional, what the bed size we should choose? We should take into few considerations to decide what the best bed frame size that you suit is. 1st What is the size of your bedroom? 2nd Who will sleep in the bed?  And 3rd Take into account the number of people and the size of who sleep beside you. There are four standard sizes of bed in Malaysia. The dimensions of each size are as follows:

Malaysia Mattress Sizes

Sizes Of BedMeasurementsSuggestion Use For Room
Single L 75" (191 cm) x W 36" (91cm)Small Room/3rd Room
Super Single L 75" (191 cm) x W 42" (107cm)Small Room/2nd Room
Queen L 75" (191 cm) x W 60" (152cm)2nd Room/ Master Room
King L 75" (191 cm) x W 72" (183cm)Master Room


Beds and mattress is an inseparable couple, both matching each other. We sleep 8 hours average a day, surprising that is about 1/3 of our life sleeping on a mattress. It is more than enough to shown that how important a good mattress to us. The best mattress that suits you will support your spine and body to giving you a good night sleep every night. On the other hand, a bad mattress affects your sleep quality and health. With so many types of mattresses in the market, selecting a mattress that matches your budget and your needs are harder. Type of mattress can be categories as spring mattress, foam mattress, and coconut fiber mattress. There are no perfect mattress suit every individual. Each type of mattress come with pros and cons. Click here to find out the best mattress that you suit.

Wardrobe/ closet

A wardrobe or closet is one of the most important storage furniture in your bedroom. Depending on the number of people, the wardrobe should be the combination of functionality and space, with the compartment of drawers, hanging bars and other units you desire. Whether you prefer open, fitted or one on its own, and whether you like traditional or modern – there are various wardrobes to suit your clothes, your style, and your space. The classic wooden wardrobe is popular, so are glass and wood wardrobes that look modern. Make sure you check the door dimensions of your bedroom to make moving the wardrobe easy. In Malaysia, bedroom furniture wardrobe has to on the spot assembly at your room if the wardrobe more than 4 feet’s width.

Bedside Tables

Bedside table sometime also call as nightstands. It is a difficult thing to choose. Especially if you have a designer bed, combine with a pair of bed side table with other furniture and the overall theme may be will different. But the way, you still can always get a bedroom set furniture that come with bed, nightstands, closet, dressing tables and mirrors. No worry, if you already have a bed, then you can choose for a design that is either the same finish/color as the bed or something that match with other bedroom furniture items or bedroom décor themes in your room.

Dressers and Mirrors

A dressing table adds a picture of elegance and dignifies in our bedroom. This is the seat that every lady needs on daily basis in her bedroom while she is getting ready for a date, go to work and after a bath or taking off make-up before going to sleep. It is an essential part of the bedroom furniture. While completing the set of bedroom furniture, a dressing mirror also gives you a chance to take a look at yourself in it, whenever you pass by it and with that, it will also provide a storage for your exquisite collection of cosmetics and accessories.

Chest of Drawers

Chest drawer is an ideal storage solution with practical and simply nice looking to any bedroom. It is used for keeping your clothes which are normally not hanging in wardrobe or closet. To keep it clean and tidy. Drawers for socks, underwear, folded shirts, pants, and what have you make the chest bring extra value to your bedroom. Chest of drawer usually come with 3 to 5 pull out layers of drawers and some come with 2 single drawers on the top layer (with or without lock). For those folks who have children’s in the house kindly install safety fitting with the chest so that you can attach the chest of drawers to the wall and secure it from turnover. You may choose base on your needs here.


It is a sheet that covers the mattress to avoid mattress getting dirty or dust. Furthermore, Bedsheet is washable if compare cleaning mattress is a tough work. Nowadays, bedsheet comes with a set which includes bedsheet, pillow case, and quilt cover. Here is some bedsheet buying guide: choose the soft material, anti-pilling fabric with good air permeability so that you won’t feel hot while u sleep especially hot weather in Malaysia. Suggestion to get 2 sets of bedsheet for cleaning routine purpose.


Blanket is one type of bedding in the room. It purpose use to keep the sleeper warm while sleeping. Blankets are thicker to ensure warmth and comfort. Due to the hot weather here, we tend to choose blanket which are soft, comfort and, lightweight and breathability. Kindly choose the blanket which with covers. So that it cover can be washed frequently.


Nowadays pillow not only use for sleep but use for décor as well. The pillow provides a support to your neck and head while you sleep or laying down. A pillow that suit you will make your spine be straight line while you sleep, otherwise you will feel neck pain or body pain after wake up. Get pillows that are best for you and put dust mite pillow casing on them.

Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture design depends on the matching sizes and number of furniture. Choosing the right furniture for bedroom takes a lot of time and effort to research. It is hard to choose the right bedroom furniture. It is due to there are many different types of bedroom furniture out there for choosing, along with making the space comfy and cozy. Consider what is desired out of a bedroom set before settling on one.

Set Your Budget

First, it is important to set a budget for the furniture of your bedroom. This does not only allow you to find and narrow down the list of the perfect bedroom set under your budget. But also allow you to get pieces that fit well with their bedroom theme and space.

Get The Measurement of Bedroom

Measure the bedroom before choosing furniture sets. This helps to check on what furniture is fitted or how the size of the bedroom furniture can be. The measurement of the bedroom will let you know what kind of furniture is fitted with the available space and how many pieces should you go for before the room looks too crowded.

The Design and Style

The ideal design that is desired is a big factor when choosing bedroom furniture. Consider the design and style of the furniture as well as how well the wood or metal pieces perfect matching the theme in the room. Picture how the bedroom will look like with the furniture in it before take action buying a set that is pretty. Bear in mind that, No matter how beautiful the bedroom furniture is, not all the designs are well fit your personality bedroom.

The Size of Bed

The bedroom is a sleeping and resting place for a busy day or life. We must set it more comfortable and peaceful. Therefore, you may consider getting a bigger size of bed. This is especially true if sharing the bed with someone. Investing in a king size bed will give each of the people more space and ultimate relaxation especially for those who is heavy body weight-er.

A king bed is also beneficial to the parent who they kid need a parent to accompany for sleep every night when they not yet independent. On the other hand, if you are a pet lover that allow pet sleep on your bed also suggest to take the bigger size of bed for optimal comfortable. Furniture should match your lifestyle. It is meaning that the collections of the bedroom should match existing other pieces of furniture that placed in the room.

Storage Capabilities

The part of a great bedroom set allows big storage capabilities. There are many clothes, hats, handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, jackets, and other possessions that need to be stored in the closet of the bedroom. You have to consider you have how much belonging need to store in the closet/wardrobe. Therefore you know how much storage is a need and how big the wardrobe you should have in a bedroom. Will one dresser and two nightstands be enough, or is an extra chest drawer necessary?

Bed Come With Storage Drawer

Some bed frame comes with storage drawers. Its storage drawer usually places on the sides or front of the bed frame. If the bed frame without storage drawers, you can consider this as a great option. Storage ottomans for a chair place in a bedroom or benches for the foot of the bed can also create extra storage capabilities in your bedroom.

The Quality Material Of Bedroom Set

There are many different types of materials used in furniture. This can include wood, divan, or metal. Consider the design and cost of each material. Also look at the quality of the materials depending on how it will be used.

Get A Bedroom Set Furniture

Instead of by one piece by one piece, you may choose a bedroom set collection. It easier for the match the theme and color in the room. Before you buy, make sure a set has everything needed for a bedroom set, such as a bed frame, side table, wardrobe, dressers, and stool. Moreover, ensure the size of the bedroom can accommodate all of the pieces in a set especially the bigger piece of furniture (wardrobe). A bedroom should not be crowded with too much furniture.


Sets come in different color pattern and designs. Choose what your desired theme of the bedroom is. In additional, get the right colors, so that it will look great, larger and relax in a bedroom. A dark bedroom set will work best in a light bedroom. Light colored sets are great for dark bedrooms, conversely.

Latest And New Arrivals Modern Bedroom Furniture Set

These Modern accumulations are certain to upgrade the excellence and association of any room. Feel free to make the present day room you can hardly wait to rest in with our Buy Now Pay Later Financing Plans.Peruse and shop from a wide collection of most value Bedroom Furniture Sets at Ideal Home Furniture.Most good value room furniture we have everything from Double beds, single Bed, Beds with capacity, Loft beds & lofts, Bedside tables, Guest Beds & day Beds, Bed stockpiling, Divan beds, and Headboards.

Delivery and Cash/financing available.

5 in 1 Bedroom Set Include:

a) Queen Bed

b) 4Ft x 6Ft Wardrobe

c) Dressing Table

d) Dressing Stool

e) Bed side Table


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