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10 Different Types of Bed Frame Malaysia

Find Out Which Is Suitable For Your Home Even Room

Everyone house owner no matter you rent or you own that house, the main furniture you will think of for sure is bed furniture. It is because when we think of relaxing, comfort and get to sleep we think of bed. Bed is available in different sizes to suit vary needs. There are four standard sizes available in the market.

Bed Frame Malaysia Sizes

Sizes Of BedMeasurementsSuggestion Use For Room
Single L 75" (191 cm) x W 36" (91cm)Small Room/3rd Room
Super Single L 75" (191 cm) x W 42" (107cm)Small Room/2nd Room
Queen L 75" (191 cm) x W 60" (152cm)2nd Room/ Master Room
King L 75" (191 cm) x W 72" (183cm)Master Room

A good sleep starts with a good bed frame. You get the right bed if you wake up with the best feelings.The material and style of the bed define how to feels in the room. Here we going to let you know the Top 10 famous bed you wish to own for your lovely room.

Divan Beds / Katil Divan

The most popular bed frame Malaysia is a divan bed. Usually, a divan is 2 pieces of based are joint together via a bracket and come with a headboard. It is easier to move in and separate it while moving out. The base constructed with wooden material and usually cover with leather or fabric.  Divan usually comes with extra legs, but you can directly put it on the floor for avoiding dust hide under the bed and easy for cleaning.

On the other hand, some folks will install with the legs for bed be higher a bit and the can clean entire floor include the floor under the bed. Install or not the legs totally depend on your needs. There is an extra range of designs and styles in divan beds. You can find different types of storage options in divan beds like front drawer storage or side drawer storage and slider for an extra pull out bed.

Pros : Easy assembly, stylish, 2 pieces of separate base easy move in and out

Cons: Heavy to move around

If you looking for mattress as well, may take a look our Mattress Sale.

Metal Bed Frame / Katil Besi

Metal bed frame can be constructed by many different materials like stainless steel or wrought iron. There are durable and last long for years. This kind of bed come with many styles such as traditional, classic and modern. It is the perfect option for less expensive or low price if compare with wooden bed frame.

Wooden Bed Frame / Katil Kayu

A wooden bed frame is a better choice for when your child transforms from child to teenager and need a bigger bed. It is also an ideal option for use in a guest room. The clean, simple lines provide a modern fashion look that mix and match with almost any decor and color scheme. Usually, it comes with 2 wooden slats as a bed base.

Double Decker Bed / Katil Double Decker

It is an ideal furniture for space saving due to one bed is stacked on top of another bed. Usually the most popular are single double decker bed but the market still available queen double decker beds. But there is less retailer selling double-decker queen bed. Maybe it is due to less demand in the market.  There is two type of material for double decker beds which are full wooden or full metal bed.  Furthermore, you may add on an extra pull-out bed as a guest bed whenever your children’s friends and relatives come and visit. Double decker single bed generally used in children’s room, student or worker hostel.

Kid Bunk Beds

Many people think bunk bed frame and double decker bed frame are the same. Actually, they are a similar bed, only different of the bunk bed is the lower bed is queen size while the upper bed is single size bed. Bunk bed especially design for more than 2 sleepers. It is commonly used in children’s room.it is a fun bedtime for your children. It is a great option for parent take care of the child in a room with limited space.


Daybeds look similar as sofa bed serve as a couch to relax or sit at daytime and serve as a guest bed or single bed at night time. It usually are constructed with good quality metal or wood material. This comfortable, multifunctional and space-saving design is commonly used for small space living. Often use in the family room, guest room or kid’s room. There are the variety of designs and colors in day beds can be choose which not only provide you with amazing comfort but enhance the beauty of your home. It needs match with an extra single mattress.

Sofa Bed / Katil Sofa

The sofa beds is a dual functions furniture play same role as well as the daybed. It is an ideal choice for people living with small flat, apartment or studio house. It works well as the guest bed as night time especially you need a bed where a bed is not used every day. Sofa bed Malaysia constructed with leather or fabric. Commonly the cover fabric sofa bed is washable.

Folding Beds / Katil Lipat

As name folding bed meaning that the bed can be fold whenever not using it. It is a space saving bed which that you can fold your bed and store it in the storeroom. It is generally used as an extra bed or guest bed.

Pull Out Bed / Katil Pull Out

Pull out bed is a bed under the lower layer bed that can be pulled out whenever you want to sleep or pull in whenever you wake up. There is only single bed size for pullout bed. You may choose woodenly or metal for a single pull out bed to match your standard bed. It usually serves as an extra bed or guest bed. Ideally for small space of the bedroom.

Storage Beds

A storage bed is the bed come with drawer under the bed that provides extra storage organization in the bedroom. Usually divan bed with side drawers or front drawers as storage bed. Generally, people store the cloth, underwear or soaking in that drawers.

A bed cant without a mattress, so you’ll need a great mattress to go with it. Our mattress reviews can help you find a best cheap mattress that will support your spine well and last for years. See more about Mattress now.

How To Buy Bed Frames Online 

Can’t perfect room be without a good bed? A bed frame is the part of support on which the mattress is placed on. When you think of getting a new bed frame, you actually have a bed frame in your mind. Therefore, when you are searching for your bed, there are many different types of bed. You are actually hunting for a right bed frame.

Buying frames online are the effortless way to do it. It is because no one physical store can show you such a lot of variety of bed but online furniture store can do it. Therefore, if you are considering of buying a new bedroom set or just replacing the old existing bed frame, go online now and start searching for a suitable one.

The right bed frames are not only for comfortable sleep. But if you chose carefully, it also provides a warm welcome whenever you enter your bedroom after exhausted from the day’s work. Nothing can relief your stress and tired in the faster way than enjoy a the sight of a beautiful and comfortable bed. Therefore, choosing one, which expressing a sense of warmth, is much more necessary.

Type of Different Material

However, own people got their own taste. What you consider warm and beauty may not have the same feeling on your friend. Therefore, it is important that you make the choice personally. Furthermore, Do not leave it on any interior decorator. Bed-frames are now made from many different types of materials. There are three famous material type of bed frame: wooden, metal and divan bed.

An earlier generation of them was made from wood. They still are in the market until now. Various hard solid wood such as teak mahogany, shorea, oak, and pine are used to make beautiful solid bed-frames. In addition, you also have other option of material: metal bed frames made from iron, copper, and aluminum. Then there are the ones made from artificial weaker and leather.

As I said, if you have the time, do not leave the task of choosing a bedroom furniture to any interior decorator. The progress of choosing bedroom furniture is more fun. Especially when you decide to choose each piece of furniture separately and then gather them matched to see if they mix well with each other as well as the room.

Factors That Lead You Buy Different Bed Frames

In fact, the frame of bed you buy must match with these factors:

  1. Sizes and shape of the room

2. Existing piece of furniture in the room

3. Personality of the owner of the room

4. Favoritism of the person using the room

All of these four factors are equally significant for choosing a right bedroom furniture, but the third and fourth factors are more so. What is suitable for your bedroom will not be suitable for your kids’. Leather divan bed frames may be suitable for you or adult and its quiet elegance may go well with your personality. But it for sure not suitable for your kid’s bed? Bear in mind that, I do not mean to say that they will not; they may, but that is not the important point here. The most important are, before selecting a bed frame, think of the character of the user and then buy which is suit the best.

Leather Bed Frame

As I have already said, leather bed frames have an elegance look. You can buy white leather bed frames for their unobtrusive beauty or darker ones for their natural dignity. You will feel their touch soft, feel superb and the look glamorous. Therefore if you like elegance look, go for leather divan bed frames with low foot contemporary designs. However, those with traditional classic designs look different feel, but they are no reducing their stunning. Therefore, search the Malaysia online furniture to look for suitable designs. Inline shops have made that easy and while you are doing that make sure the design is perfect and nice workmanship.

By the way, if you are against cruelty to animals that is carried out by leather product industry, you can have 99% less worry on that. Most of them are made from faux leather instead of real animal leather. However, if you really want a real leather, that is also available in the market. Do not worry about environmental degradation either. Today’s innovative technology has made it possible to treat leather without harmful to the environment.

Leather frames are elegant, but this does not mean that wooden or metal bed frames are less so.

Metal bed frames are the most common type of frame. They are used in traditional settings and have attachments for headboards and footboards. The cost of one of these styles is affordable and can be purchased online with a much lower price. Generally, it comes with wheels are affixed to the feet of metal bed frames to allow for easy movement of the bed. A mattress is required to provide height and additional support of your body.

Therefore, Wooden bed frames are more solid in weight and but it is harder to move around if compare with metal frames bed. A headboard and footboard must be joint together to perform better. Typically, a thinner piece of wood or slat is placed between the box spring and the frame to prevent movement of the mattress set.

Advantage of Online Buying Bed Frame

If chosen carefully, each of them will provide a warm welcome as you enter the room tired and exhausted. Choosing bed-frames online has more advantages. You can take your time to go through one by one the whole range selection at the comfort of your home. Take as much time as you want and buy with no pressure as you shop at furniture retail shop. Furthermore, buy furniture online give you more benefits. It benefits such as warranty in black and white instead of only oral from sale person in the shop. Moreover, you may enjoy more discount such as shipping free or discount voucher giveaway by the online store.

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  1. The delivery suprisingly quick!! I’ve faced a lot of issues w gdex be4 but this time the delivery is tip top. The single bed with pull out is indeed as shown in the pic and the quality is great. Overall very satisfied. Tq!!

  2. The single metal bed is simple, cheap but comfortable.
    it is recommended for student / for hostel and people who want big value for little amount.
    it serves my purpose provide to my workers hostel.

  3. Saya ingin tahu ukuran sebenar daybed sebab sya sedang mencari katil untuk ruang yang terhad. Mohon bantuan tuan, terima kasih.

  4. just Arrival,delivery very fast!!and the divan very cheap!value money!!!

    1st time bought from them from shop
    this is 2nd bought from them from online…
    not bad..will recommend to my friend.

  5. Great bed frame. We purchased this for our queen size, sleep number bed. This frame is very easy to assemble and is very sturdy. The headboard is dark brown.

  6. shipped via skynet.. a bit late but still ok.. material is good.. packaging is good.. wrapped with plastic.. much more cheaper compared to other seller.. with free postage.. and 10% discount using cimb mastercard..

  7. My husband and I bought this with high hopes, because we are both pretty overweight and would need something that could comfortably. He put it together by himself with no issues and I’ve slept on it every night since. We’ve had it for a little over a month now, and I’m sleeping great. It does have an occasional squeak here and there, but we expected this with our weight. Very happy with the purchase.

  8. bought this bed frame because of the low height frame and my matress just too thick so it is now fit very well.
    received within a week after the order.
    very nice design too.

  9. Item arrived earlier than expected and in good condition.
    Friendly dispatcher.
    Easy to install by one person.
    Good bedframe especially for people like me whose weight over 250lbs

  10. You have any bed which combined Kids bunk bed and pull-out bed?
    Im looking for the bed frame which with 3 layes.
    upper is single bed
    middle is queen bed
    lower (pull out) is single bed

  11. hi
    i would like to purchase 1 unit of the kids bunk bed white in color normal price 899 but check discount price 4XX.
    where can i purchase this?
    what is the exact price?
    delivery charges how much, i am staying in PJ old town?
    delivery charges included fixing/assemble the bed?


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