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2018 This Month Special

lG, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Hisense

HD TV For Sale

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View TV Cabinets Design For Hall To Match Your New TV.

Best Buy Refrigerators

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Washing Machines Recommendations

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Indoor Air Conditioners

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Intech Gadget & Home Appliance

Looking for the latest IT gadgets, home appliance or electrical item or simply the most modern sofa and bedroom furniture for your home?Now you can own all these and more!


List Of Home Appliances Every House Have

Home appliances can divide by few category

Category Home Appliances
Large ApplianceRefrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Dryers and so on.
Small ApplianceWater Heaters, Air Purifiers, rice cooker, fan, Ovens, Microwaves, juicers, kettle, induction cooker and so on.
Consumer ElectronicMobile phone, Tablet, Television and Audio

Television and audio

This two appliance is important for sure for entertainment and has fun gather for watch a sports game or video game. But also for information and education show such as daily news and info.

TVs are often offered by brands in wide range different types of models to create more choices over features and pricing to consumers.

There are some types of tv such as : led lcd TV, smart led TV, full HD led TV. Check TV Sales Online today.


Can you imagine how terrible when you move to a new house without a fridge? You can’t store your food, freezer ice cube, even you can’t cook in the house without a fridge. So that you does not get a home feel but only the feel as you rent a room from other. Own a fridge no matter the capacity small or big, at least your can store your food for cooking. If not you have to take every meal at outside. It is tiring especially you no mood to go out after tiring from work. Check New Refrigerator / Freezer Chest For Sale Today.

Washing Machines

No matter raining day or shining day, the washing machine is one of the home appliances you will frequently use. Since washing machine has a wide range of design and styles. So that making a buy decision of best laundry machine is much more difficult. The things that you should consider is front load or top load washer and the capacity of kg you need for suiting your household. Get washing machine dimension and check Cheapest Washing Machine Price.

Air Conditioners

Air conditional is meaning air cooling temperature for that room. Malaysia is a tropical country that high temperatures and high humidity all long year. When you feel hot you will need some that make it cool especially when your bed time. Many peoples can’t sleep well whenever they feel hot on the bed. Get an air conditioning today. Check The Cheapest Air Conditioner Now.


  1. We installed this a/c in a 10’x10′ room, it took about 10mins to cool the room at 25degrees, dry mode, fan off. If snowflake function is used, at 25 degrees, high fan, it takes forever to cool. We calculated the electricity bill for daily 6hourly night use, at 25 degrees, dry mode sums to RM50 plus. So overall quite ok. It is a bit noisy compared to acson, toshiba and samsung a/c. This review is after 6 months usage, so its durability is still uncertain.

  2. sy bli dgn hrga rm425 n cas anta rm7. 50.. oder hri rbu,, jumaat smpai.. mula2 ble tgk skynet yg anto isau jgk sb byk review yg kabo skynet servis terok,, tp alhamdulillah mesin basuh sy smpai ngan selamatnyer ke destinasi.. trima kaseh pd drebar skynet,, walaupon trpksa tgu lme skit.. heheheh.. trima kaseh pd sikap amanah dn tgjwb pd brg customer.. gud job iidealfurniture,, troskn sales ngan hrga brg yg meletop2 mpu milik..akn tros brshopping ngan ideal..

  3. +Delivery was fast.
    +Affordable, save money. I did some research to found out that average price is RM700 – i bought here at 599
    +At 60hz and 1366 x 768 resolution, it is a good tv for my PS4 system
    +The sound is decent enough
    +Can plug n play any media movie with a lot of supported format

  4. Im giving 5 stars for its price, functionality and capacity. You can’t expect to get much better from this sort of price. Have been using it for a month now and still working fine. Build quality seems good.

  5. The LED display was pretty good compared to some other brands. Vibrant colours and sharp picture. Speakers were pretty standard so might want to invest in an audio system to enjoy a better cinema experience. Received the TV on the 4th day after placing the order.

  6. Saya order dari ini hari Rabu tengah hari, besok pagi Khamis dah siap ada atas meja.. anak suka la dpt tengok TV baru..

    Dengan harga yg mcm ni boleh dpt kualiti bagus, gambar terang, bunyi clear.. senang cerita berbaloi2..
    biasanya TV mcm ni kat kedai dalam RM700+
    tp kat sini dapat RM490+ sangat JIMAT la~

  7. Brg smpai dlm keadaan baik dr ninja van. Kualiti gmbar agak baik dn brbaloi dgn harga. Fungsi tv yg pelbagai spt usb movie hdmi brfungsi dgn sgt baik. Brsesuaian utk tv kedua drumah..cuma trdpt kekurgn pd subtitles krn saiz yg sgt kecik dn tv stand yg agak rendah.

  8. Good deal. Aircond working fine and it have LED temperature indicator. So far i am satisfied with the aircond performance…value for money

  9. Overall sgt puas hati dgn item tersebut. Sangat berbaloi dgn harga RM399 with free delivery.
    Pastikan buka segala kotak atau polistrin utk elak mesin berbunyi kuat, bergerak dan rosak.
    Ikut arahan seperti manual. Pasang tutup plastik dibawah mesin utk elak tikus atau makhluk lain merosakkan mesin.

  10. product arrived earlier than expected.
    nice quality and the price offered lower than i can find at local store which range about rm340-rm370.
    Glad that i bought mini bar freezer from here.

  11. Sngt2 berbaloi dengan harga yg diberi.
    TV sngt2 cantik & tested 4k video with youtube was really amazing for this TV price.
    Order 30hb smpai 2hb..as expected as time delivery.
    Really recommend for sapa2 yg ingin cuba 1st 4k TV dengan harga yg sangat berpatutan..

    Thx you again for good sale n delivery was on time as expected.


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