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 2020 This Month Special

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Modern And Stylish Sofa Arrived.

Your living area is the place you share the tale of who you are. So our family room furniture helps you do that – with loads of approaches to hotshot the things you’ve done and the spots you’ve been.

Purchase affordable Living Room Furniture online at Ideal Home Furniture. Select from extensive variety of Living Room Furniture – Sofa bed, Sofa L-shape, Sofa 321 set, Sofa 3+2 set, Fabric couch and Leather Sofa.

Cash/Installment and Delivery available.

10 Tips For Buying A Sofas Online

Sofas play an important role in the living room. It is because the sofa is where the place to sit long, talk much and laugh often among your friend and family. Buying a furniture sofa is one of huge investment you will make. It is challenging to choose a sofa sales to match your need as well as budget due to there are tons of different types, styles, options, brands and features available in the market.

We here to provide you 10 considerations which should take into account before you make the decision to buy sofa online.

1st Spacing Area

What types of houses are you living? It is critical to know your living room space in the house. It determines which types of the sofa (L-shape sofa or 1+2+3 seaters), what size of the sofa that you should buy to fix in your living area. Suggest getting the measurement (length and width) of your living room before hunting cheap sofas for sale. Usually, terrace house will go for 1+2+3 seaters sofa or bigger L shaped sofa while condo and apartment normally go for L-shape sofa for space saving purpose.

2nd Do Your House With Or Without A Lift?

Majority house owners of flat or apartment have to consider whether they house inclusive lift facilities or not before buying sofa. Even though your sofa can fix in the living area but not necessary can fix in the lift. Those folks stay flat or apartment with lift facilities should get the lift measurement before place order for a sofa. It can avoid wrong size or size of the sofa that can’t fix into the lift.

Bear in mind that, furniture shop may not bear the risk to return or refund from the wrong size of the sofa that you order. It is because most of the sofa is made by order especially you request change the color of the sofa. In the other hand, some Malaysia online furniture shop provides 100% buyer protection or satisfaction guaranteed. It which mean 100% guarantee money back or fully refund.

3rd Door Size

Same as the condition as the lift, door size determines your sofa can go in or not to your living hall. Please be sure your sofa is able to carry in your main door of the house. No worry if you have a sliding door. But other than that you should measure the height and width of the door and the wall to wall distance measurement (after the door) to ensure sofa can carry and turnaround into your living area.

4th Sofa Size Or Type

What sofa size should you buy is dependable on how many persons in that house and the spacing area we mention above. If you have a large family member you may go for bigger L-shape like 6seater L-shaped sofa or 3+2+1 sofa set. Otherwise, you should go for normal size L-shape sofa or 1+3 seater sofa sets or 3 and 2 seater sofa sets if you have a small family member or limited space.

There are the standard sofa sizes (in Length)

Types of SofaMeasurement (Length)
1 Seater SofaAverage 75cm to 90cm
2 Seaters Sofa Average 150cm
3 Seaters SofaAverage 180cm
L shaped Sofa - 3 SeaterAverage 180cm
L Shaped Sofa -4 SeatersAverage 240cm

5th Fabric Sofa  Vs Leather Sofa

It is a headache question to the buyer especially wife prefer fabric but husband prefers leather. Do you agree? The sofa is a big investment with long term value. So that firstly we should consider does the spouse own children or few children? If the answer is yes and the children are under 3 years old we always encourage the buyer to order a leather sofa, it is because the leather sofa is easy to care than fabric sofa. Can you imagine that your children are making dirty on the fabric sofa with the ice cream or chocolate drink? Leather sofa easy care and clean by a wipe with a wet cloth. On the other hand, you may choose fabric sofa if your child is above 3 years old. It is because child above 3 years is listenable and teachable so that they won’t play around with the sofa. So choose your sofa base on your need.

Here we list few leather sofa sales and fabric sofa sale for your reference. You may view more latest sofa designs.

6th Fixed Seat Vs Cushioned Seat

Fixed seat meaning than the cushion is sewn on the frame and cushioned seat meaning that the pillow or cushion is removable along the back. Both back cushion types have pros and cons.

Fixed seat

Pro: No worry about the back cushion shifting around the house.

Con: difficult to clean and can’t flip them over or around.


Cushioned seat

Pro: Easy removal for sleeping pillow or cleaning purpose.

Con: Cushions may change many shapes.

7th The Purpose of Couch/Sofas/Sectional For Main Serves

Do you need a sectional sofa for entertaining at parties, relaxing & watching the TV shows or extra bed for guests? This will determine if you need your sectional to face mainly the same direction for better conversation environment or direct toward a television. Do you need your sectional to convert to a sleeping bed for a guest at night? Would you like the sofa which is able to rearrange and reposition your couch after few month or a year? Considering its main use will better help you out to choose the sectional that will best meet your needs.

For example, if you want a sofa that allows you use as the sofa at daytime and can convert to a sleeping bed by night, you may choose for sofas bed. It is an ideal furniture for space saving with 2 purposes.

Sofa Warmth Reminder: If you choose L-shape sofa, you may request the L Part of the sofa on your left or right side (Once you seat down). We always encourage our customers to place the L part sofa on the side near your balcony side or which is more convenience to go in and out from the sofa.

8th Cushion Firmness

Some sofas – like ones with fixed backs – won’t make use of loose cushions in the same way that a cushion-back or scatter-back will. So that usual seller will provide the product description of the sofa that indicates the kind of material filling used, and whether the feel is soft, medium or hard. We encourage to choose medium firmness for the sofa, due to we have 2 and more family member in the house with different needs. Not so hard and not so soft is the best to suit all needs.

9th Color Consideration

Traditional colors are famous when it comes to sofas, with brown, black, white and gray being the most popular choice. These colors work well and match with many color schemes and styles, so they’re solid choices overall, especially if you plan to change up your living room from time to time. However, if your living room has a more modern and unique style, don’t be afraid to try a sharp and fresh color choice, such as red, purple, or green.

10th Budget

Finally of course, about the price of the sofa. Everybody has a budget. The pricing is making sure you get what you pay for, but whatever the price it’s not always easy to see at first see or first sit, whether your desired sofa is a great deal or one seasonal sale. This is especially true if you’re shopping online for furniture.

Find out more Cheap Sofa Sale Malaysia.

No matter how, knowledge is power – with this guide. Use it to decide what you want what you suit, understand the descriptions or ask the right questions and considerations. And if you’re buying furniture online, always do your research on the seller/ retailer: check customer reviews, pay particular attention to delivery and customer support service and their return policy.

Why Should You Buy Sofa Online?

What can’t you buy online these days? Every stuff can buy via online nowadays. The internet has become the preferred. We search anything online first before step out the house for vacation or food.

The modern generation now making purchases online and even furniture is being bought online; with a catalog of what the company has to offer and money transfer thru online system in place.

Then why we need spend much time and effort to go sofa furniture shop or furniture-hunting in several shops? At the end of the result, it causes you tired at the end of the day. What a waste for you weekend off day!

Below are six benefits you could gain from ordering your sofa online sale: additional services, bargains, and offers, saves time and energy, great variety, warranty and refund policy

Additional services

Services such as free transportation are offered for online customers as an extra incentive, although to a certain distance from the shop. This makes it somehow cheaper than having to pay for transport to deliver furniture sofa sets to your house or office. Some companies even provide ship old furniture for their customers online to enhance new change old sofa sales campaign. Such additional online services are beneficial to mostly people who live very far from the furniture shop that is offering what they want.

Easier to spot bargains and offers

Due to stiff competition among furniture-selling companies, they are forced to make attractive clearance sofa sale and additional services for their potential customers online. Most of them offer their products online to reach and serve mass customers around the world, and the internet has become a great marketplace for selling everything these days.

You are likely to get the best bargains and cheap sofa sale faster, since they are only a click away, unlike visiting the shops physically one by one and negotiation with them; most likely, you might miss many other shops that have better sofa sale online. Buying sofa online allow you compare 10 even 20 furniture companies of their best sofa sale Malaysia without any effortless. It is just about one click task.

Saves Time And Money

As compared to going shop by shop searching the best furniture sofa sale, shopping online is the faster way and cheaper! First, saving your time and cost of traveling. More businesses invest and shift in online business and save costs of rental. Renting a space only can show you few sofas to select if compare with online furniture store which can some you more than 100 furniture for each category. Buying sofas online have been made easy with various furniture businesses displaying different products for you to select from and payment gateway services that are safe and easy to use. Everyone can buy online today.

Buy sofa online have been made easy with various furniture businesses displaying different products for you to select from and payment gateway services that are safe and easy to use. Everyone can buy online today.

Greater Variety

Online furniture shop gives you more assortment of furniture sale to choose from, just in a matter of seconds with few clicks. For example, when shopping for a sofa, the online furniture shop gives you just that and in whatever category you would like to view them i.e. pricing, sizes, colors, types (sectional sofa set,  L-shaped sofa, sofa bed etc.)

This is same applies for all the other types of furniture retail shop. Furniture retail shop has few choices to let you choose and they also provide you a catalog to viewing for other than display furniture. By online furniture shopping, you can survey all the furniture you like before purchases and buy without a hard push by the salesperson.


A success online furniture stores will be stated clear what will be included in warranty of the furniture. It highly influences buyers to make the order sofa online. It is because it provides more confident to the client. On the other hand, many customers had a bad experienced before with the retail sofa shop that said have a warranty on this such term furniture but when something broke within the warranty period and request for the claim, then end up with unhappiness.

Free Return or Refund

Online buying furniture provides you the best benefit are there are free return or refund. Online seller gain confident for online buyers. They know buyer may have a little worry about what the furniture they buy are different from what they see. It going same with the retail sofa shop. But sofa shop online allows you to return and refund if you found any dissatisfy of their furniture sofa sets. So you can buy with no worries.


In conclusion, the advantages of buy furniture online are greater than disadvantages. We especially like the free return and refund policy that provided by online furniture shop. Furthermore, it saves much time and effort to shopping one by one.

You may view more Online Sofa Malaysia Sale. It includes sofa price, latest sofa design, sofa deals, and cheap sofa for sale.

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  1. My husband order this bench, we love this bench. It is very roomy and able to hold all my pillows and baby blankets. My room looks so nice and clean with all the extra stuffs are gone in the bench. And it was well packed so no scratch. EXCELLENT – Definitely recommended.

  2. Well received my parcel in good condition, and thanks for the warmly thank you card attached. My kids love this too, and they start learning to store their story books, toys, gaming stuffs in the storage box. What a good habit can train the little one also. Hahahaha

  3. Nice and comfortable, feels good, sat on bean bag for a few hours for movies it’s becoming addictive… quick delivery!

  4. We are in love with this sectional. There is no smell. I put my face against a cushion and it smells new but not offensive.

    The pieces feel really solid & stable. The pictures are totally accurate.

    The fabric feels really durable. The pillows are a little chinsy and weak, but you don’t care about the pillows!

    Sitting on it is kind of like sitting on a heavily inflated balance ball. It almost has a bouncy quality to it.

  5. Kalau korang terbaca ni, satu je nak cakap yang korang beli lah tanpa rasa was-was sebab dia memang bagus. Dah lama dah beli sampai sekarang masih rasa macam baru. Kualiti tip top! Harga pun berpatutan.

  6. Order the sofa to send to my mum house in ipoh, surprise to know that the delivery does not include installation of sofa metal leg, now my mum is really dun know what to do. Lucky it is simple to install that can be done by my mum.. great sofa

  7. 4 stars because it IS a cheap couch but truly perfect for what we needed for the price. They are pretty and fit perfect in our space… Delivery was quick.

  8. Already arrival,packing very good! the sofa bed use the carton packing,sofa this medium hard sofa but quite comfortable!!This sofa bed i very satisfied!thanks

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